yamunotri Tour Package

Yamunotri Temple

Enjoy a memorable journey of spirituality when going on a Chota Chardham Yatra with the Goddess Yamuna in the Temple. The temple is about 3293 M in height with the Yamuna River in sight. The river close to the temple is a divine river worshipped in Hindu, it has been said to be among the founding factors that led to the civilization of India. The Yamuna goddess has been graced with a lot of names by different tribes but the most popular name the goddess have been given alongside the goddess of Yamuna is the goddess of the Ganga River.

Legend of the Yamuna Goddess

The goddess came into light as a result of the belief the Hindu had about theRiver. Legend has it that it was due to the dedication that Sage Asit Muni showed to the  Yamuna River in his young age that prompted the goddess to create a stream that originated from the river for him to enjoy his old age, when his body could not take him to the main river to perform his daily rituals. This stream that was drawn from the Yamunotri Glacier leads further down the path creating the passage that connects the Ganges River.

About the Temple

Going to the Yamunotri temple most times would require visitors to trek a little distance due to its lack of drivable roads. This time visitors spends trekking ads to the thrill of the journey making it more fun and exciting. The Uttarakhand based temple welcomes its pilgrims with the sight of the magnificent Black Mable idol of the great Yamuna goddess, with the river holding its position at the temple with a silver idol. Pilgrims and devotees of the temple do carry along rice and potatoes to pay homage to the temple’s deity, which has evolved to become a general culture when visiting the temple.

A hot spring water can be found at the temple were pilgrims put their offerings of potatoes and rice during the rituals. Most times the rice is tied in a cloth so it would cook well when placed in the hot spring water. When the rice is ready, the priests of the temple take it upon themselves to perform the ritual of distribution to the visitors. The cooked rice is referred to as Prasad meaning a sanctified offering.

Chardham Tour

Every year, a tour around the four temples of Hindu is initiated for pilgrims to enjoy the traditions, culture and religion that the Hindu temples offer. The char Dham package of 2019 would expose pilgrims to the full Yamunotri Package, Join the Indian tour team to begin your journey of spirituality in the Yamunotri temple.

Among the four temples of that can be explored during a Chardham Yatra,  the Yamunotri Temple and the Gangotri Temple are the only temples that provide pilgrims with the option of exploring a River on their journey to spirituality. Book the famous journey of spirituality that begins from left to right with us and enjoy the feel of comfort and relaxation all through your journey.