Rishikesh Tour

In the state Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is a small town which enjoys a global fame as the world’s capital of Yoga and Meditation. At the banks of River Ganges, this small city is situated and also a gateway to the mighty Himalayas. This city is in possession of massive natural beauty and majesty. In this famous spiritual town, you will find a lot of temples. According to Myth, when Rishi Raibhya did sacrament, God materialized before him in the form of Rishikesh(God of Senses). So after this the name Rishikesh becomes the famous name for this place. If you are looking for spiritual and peaceful surroundings as well as an adventurous environment, then Rishikesh Tour Package is best for you. Let Rishikesh Yatra Package let you enjoy the spiritual essence of the foothills and a glimpse of the Himalayas charm.

Famed as the base for Do Dham Yatra- Kedarnath and Badrinath, you can travel around Rishikesh. Here adventure lovers can indulge in exciting sports like kayaking, bungee jumping, white water rafting in Holy River Ganges and Shivpuri; flying fox, trekking and jungle walk. On the Ganga banks at Shivpuri and Beasghat, enjoy camping. Get refresh and attend Ayurvedic massage and yoga classes at various yoga and meditation centres. Take a visit to popular ashrams like Shivnanda Ashram, Parmarth Niketan and Yoga Niketan.

Like a magnet, Rishikesh attracts people from all over the world for decades owing to its religious and scenic attributes. For adventure seekers, Rishikesh Package is one of the most sought-after destinations. Nestled amidst the foothills of Himalayas, Surrounded by lush green forests and with the fast-flowing crystal clear Ganges crisscrossing this town, Rishikesh is a dream holiday location for many people. As it is believed to be the ‘Yoga capital’ of the world, so this place is also a popular name amongst health fanatics.

Rishikesh 360 view

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