Panch Prayag

Panch Prayag

Go on a pilgrimage to any of Indian’s Panch Prayag to seek condolence from a sinful way of life. The Panch Prayag is the confluence between five sacred rivers of Hinduism. With Indians high level of pilgrimage attractions, the Panch Prayag is considered to offer solace to the souls of devotees who go there seeking blessings from numerous Yatras that the confluence offers.

The five Confluence

Panch Prayag is a pilgrimage site that can be visited by everyone irrespective of beliefs or values because of the different sacred rivers that meet at the spot. Below is a list of the five main confluence in the Panch Payag

Devprayag: This is commonly known as the place where river Ganga was born. The Ganga River came into existence as a result of Alaknanda River from Satopanth meeting with Bhagirathi River from Gaumukh. The river is located at 70km away from Rishikesh with the Raghunathji Temple close to it. The Devprayag was recorded as the place Lord Ram spent his last days on earth.

Rudraprayag: The Badrinath Temple and the Kedarnath Temple can easily be located from the Rudraprayag River. This river is the confluence between Mandakini and Alaknanda River. Rudranath Temple is the closest temple to the RudraprayagRiver which is most times regarded as the home of modern Indian music because of the long history of Lord Shiva and the temple.

Karnaprayag: The only Hindu methodology related to the karna Prayag River was that a hero meditated there with no record to whom and when. This river is the confluence between Alaknanda and Pindar River. A temple dedicated to Karna is located near the river with Goddess Uma standing as the main deity of the temple.

Nandprayag: The Nandprayag River has a legendary methodology attached to its origin, it is said that the river was created as a result of Lord Shiva quest to give Goddess Parvati water to quench her thirst. He stroked his trident on the mountain creating a confluence between the Alaknanda and Mandakini River. The Nandprayag does not have any temple close to it

Vishnuprayag: Most pilgrims who go on pilgrimage to the sacred Vishnuprayag River stay in Joshimath town because Vishnuprayag does not have enough accommodations for its visitors. The river was formed out of Alaknanda River and Dhauli Ganga River’s confluence. A temple built by Great Queen of Indore with a sanctum for Lord Vishnu is located close to the river.

Panch Prayag Tour

Every being wants to rise to the highest level of spirituality that they can attain. The Panch Prayag brings you closer to that level with its sacred histories that has in many ways nurtured the growth of India to its present state. Panch Prayag Uttrakhand offers all of Hindus sacred confluence and a possible tour to experience the four Char Dhams of Hinduism while elevating your state of mind and body to a peaceful and more forgiving one. Join the Indian temple tour team to explore and enjoy spirituality at the highest level while enjoying your visit to some of Indian’s biggest attractions.