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Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Opening And Closing Date 2019

Opening Date 2019: 9 May 2019 Morning 05:35 AM

Closing Date 2019: 29 October 2019

The Uttarakhand based temple is devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva, it is one of the leading pilgrimage sights among Indians four Char Dhampilgrimagecentre in the Northern Himalayas. The Kedarnath temple ranks number one among the other temples that offer devotional representation for Lord Shiva known as the twelve Jyotirlingas. One of the worst disasters that have hit the Kedarnath Yatra was a flood back in 2013 which destroyed a lot of amenities in the district while leaving a significant crack on the temple.

Legends behind the Temples Existence

Like a lot of temples, the actual origin of the temple seems unknown but several myths have been able to back certain factors around the temple. The most famous legend about the temple is an account of Lord Shiva taking shelter in the Kedarnath with the permission of Nara-Narayana during the Kurukshetra War.

After the war, the Pandava brothers were in search of Lord Shiva trying to get absolution for the war crimes they committed but Lord Shiva was not ready to show them mercy so he transformed himself into a bull and hid in the midst of cattle’s. Later on, when they discovered his were about and were about to grab him he drowned himself in the ground but was held by the tail before he could sink fully.

The Pandava brothers built the Kedarnath Temple dedicating it to Lord Shiva. It was recorded that Lord Shiva’s body was later found in four different places which formed the five Kedaras. There are other myths about the Kedarnath Temple with some not even making reference to Lord Shiva’s involvement in the town but this is the most popular myth that explains the origin of the Kedarnath temple.

A Tour around the Kedarnath Temple

Located at the front of the Kedarnath Temple is a hall containing the images of the Pandava brothers, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva’s vehicle, and his beloved wife Parvati. At the temple door, you would find a Nandi Bull standing as the guard, while Lord Shiva can be found in the temple with a rock formation carved in a Sadashiva form representing his presence.

Best Time to Explore the Kedarnath Yatra Package

The Kedarnath Temple does not have any drivable path, so if you are planning a visit to the temple, be ready to walk uphill Gaurikund. The temple is situated at Garhwal Himalayas close to the Mandakini River. It offers visitors a lot of festivities and religious rituals with one of its biggest ritual being the reinstatement of Lord Shiva statue in the Kedarnath Temple after winter.

It’s never advisable to visit the temple during winter because of the heavy snowfall, and most times the statue of Lord Shiva would not be available in the Kedarnath Temple. From November to May devotion to the statue of Lord Shiva is done in Ukhimath, for pilgrims hoping to enjoy the view of the temple from May to October would be the best time to explore. You can join the India temple tour team in Char Dham Yatra 2019 to explore the spirituality of the temple

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