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Kedarnath ji ex Delhi - 5 Days

Kedarnath ji ex Delhi

Kedarnath is the place which is famous for the special blessing from the lord Shiva. Kedarnath is the place which only remains open for the visitors only during summer season. A huge number of people visit the Kedarnath. There are certain people who visit to this place every year. This is the highly crowded place which remains crowded all the time during darshan. The people visit from Delhi to Kedarnath, they visit here either on their own or with the Kedarnath yatra package and they can start their Kedarnath yatra from Delhi. A lot of tour package offerers are available, so one can select the best one from them.

Day 1
From Delhi to Haridwar

You can start your journey from Delhi and head towards the place of God i.e., Haridwar. Check in in the hotel and stay there. Enjoy the Ganga aarti in the evening. Head towards the Mansa devi temple in the Haridwar. According to history, Haridwar is known as the best holy places present in the India. The crowded Ghat i.e., Ganga Ghat is the most crowded Ghat all over the India. The huge of number of visitors gives the reverent feel.

Day 2
From Haridwar to Guptakashi

After having your breakfast in the hotel, you can head towards the Guptakashi. You have to go to Guptakashi through the way of Rudraprayag and Devprayag. On this route, you will see the river of Mandakini. This river have its way from the Kedarnath. So you can make your way along with the river and in this way, you will reach Guptakashi. Guptakashi is famous for the ArdhNarishwar temple. Come back to hotel after visiting the temple. People have a belief that Guptakashi name is the symbol of secrecy and when pandwar were searching for Lord Shiva then Lord Shiva concealed him in the Guptakashi and after dome time, Lord Shiva went to the Kedarnath. People have a belief that Kedarnath is the place where the Lord Shiva lives.

Day 3
From Guptakashi to Kedarnathjee to Guptakashi

After staying overnight in the hotel, have your breakfast in the morning and then it is the time to head towards the Kedarnathjee. You can reach Kedarnathjee by travelling through the Gaurikund. Once you reach Kedarnathjee, visit the temple and come back to the Gaurikund. Once you reach Gaurikund, now head towards the Guptakashi. You have 2 options in front of you i.e., by helicopter and by trekking. So you can select the option whatever you want to.

Day 4
From Guptakashi to Haridwar

After staying overnight in the hotel, have your breakfast and now head towards the Haridwar but the route get completely changed in the return journey. You will reach Haridwar via Rishikesh. You can enjoy the market, enjoy the shopping in Rishikesh. You can visit the Ram jhulla,Laxmanjhulla in Rishikesh.

Day 5
From Haridwar to Delhi

After staying in the hotel for overnight, you can head towards Delhi. It is the place when the tour of 5 days terminates.

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