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Gangotri Temple

The Gangotri Temple is among the four Char Dhams in Hinduism, it is the home of goddess Ganga, the highest temple of spirituality when it comes to worshipping the river Ganga. It holds its position in the Uttarakhand with the other three temples of Char Dhams. The 18th-century temple earned the name Gangotri damn because of the presence of the river goddess Ganga shrine in the temple.

Legends of the temple

”Out of Lord Vishnu’s big toe” is believed to be the origin of the river Ganga. This is one of the major packages of the Char Dhams because it is believed to cleanse away all sins, the water stands for purity and is a major destination of most pilgrims. It presides at the mother goddess who watches her children grow from life till death. Another legend that propagates the great name of goddess Ganga is the 60000 sons of King Sagar who was reduced to ashes by the goddess until the plea of King Bhagirath’sappeased the goddess to grant the souls of the king Sagar salvation.

Origin of the Temple

Most Hindu methodologies recorded the Gangotri Yatra coming into existence in the 18th century as a place to pay homage to the great goddess Ganga from General Amar Singh. Due to the impertinence of king Sager and his sons, the goddess was about to wreak havoc on earth causing Lord Shiva to keep her locked down. The Gangotri temple holds a sacred stone close to its building which marks the spot where the goddess Ganga made her first appearance. The temple was later renovated by the royal family of Jaipur.

Gangotri Tour

Going on pilgrimage to the temple of purity certainly heightens an individual’s level of spirituality, the landscape provides a serene and beautiful environment that provides sanctity to pilgrims who tour this temple. The Bhagirathi River that’s always flowing gives the soul a heavenly aura when worshipping at the Gangotri temple. A tour package around the temple would bring along a lot of fun activities such as giving you the opportunity to explore the originating point of the river Ganga which is located at the Gaumukh Glacier, the surreal Bhairo Ghati, Mt Shivling, the Harsil and a lot of other breathtaking attractions are close to the temple.

Best time to visit

The Gangotri temple is available for pilgrims to explore from the month of May till October of every year. After the feast of Diwali each year, the shrine of the Gangotri temple is moved to the Mukhba due to the heavy rainfall that winter brings along. During this period all activities and worship are carried out in the temporary instated shrine in Mukba till the celebration of the Basant Panchmi where the priest of the temple announces the date the sanctum is going to be taken back to the actual shrine. You can join us, the Indian temple tour team to explore all the temples during the Char Dhams and in case you won’t be able to visit the whole four temples you can also book an Ek Dham Yatra tour.

Gangotri Temple 360 view