In the state of Uttrakhand, Uttarkashi is a holy town and it is the land dedicated to Lord Shiva. Famously called as the “Kashi of North”, also situated along River Ganges just like Varanasi and similar to Varanasi, it has a ghat named Manikarnika. It attracts Hindu pilgrims throughout the year and is around 5 hours drive from Dehradun. For trekking, rock climbing and for adventure sports, this Hilly terrain town is best. For fishing and angling lovers, this is the best place. Some of the major tourist attractions of Uttarkashi Package are Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Shakti Temple, Vishwanath Temple, Maneri and Dodital. Get Uttarkashi Package and know more about this holy land of Lord Shiva.

Among the travellers coming from all parts of the world, Uttarkashi tour packages are quite popular due to its religious and tourist attractions. The city is abundant in natural beauty and known as Devbhumi. The meaning of this word is the ‘Land of the Gods’. Due to its significant religious heritage, Pilgrims and tourists flock to this region from everywhere. During their trip to this place, one shall visit Uttarkashi which is blessed to have historic temples when we are talking about temples. This is one of the important places of Lord Vishwanath. This temple is regularly visited and one of the largest temple in the region.

This town is totally untouched by industrialism and exists in its purest form due to spirituality and the natural surroundings. Giving a sense of heightened divinity, the lakes and the temples have their own aura. Here is a popular pilgrimage spot near to Gangotri at a distance of 99 kilometres from Uttarkashi. It is the hot water springs in Gangnani. Yamunotri is also one of the most religious towns to be visited. To revamp you, inside out get ready and visit with Uttarkashi Yatra Package.

Devaprayag 360 view

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