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Badrinath Temple Tour

Badrinath Yatra Starting Date 2019: 10 May Morning 04:15 AM

The Badrinarayan Temple popularly known as Badrinath Temple is a sacred temple were devotes of Hinduism go to pay homage to Lord Vishnu. It got the name Badrinath temple because it is situated at Badrinath in Uttarakhand India. It’s Indian’s most frequently toured pilgrimage centre, entertaining worshipers from different faiths. It is among the Char Dhams of Hinduism, providing the most majestic sights with lots of students from Hindus school of thought going on pilgrimage in the town.

Sanctums in the Temple

The temple is solely devoted to Lord Vishnu but a lot of other sanctums can be found in the temple. It holds the sanctum of Badrinarayan which consist of the idol of Lord Vishnu in a Yogamudra posture, and his consort in form of a Badri tree. Two arms are raised up holding a Shankha and Chakra respectively while on his laps are two arms resting steadily in a relaxed position.

A lot of other idols that are housed in the temple alongside the Lord Vishnu’s idol are the idol of the god of wealth, the idol of Vishnu’s consort Lakshmi, the warrior goddess Durga in all her different forms with lots of other shrines. The outstanding feature that has drawn a lot of visitors to the temple is the black stones that are used to design the idols displayed around the temple.

Myths of the Temple

Hindu legends recorded the existence of the temple to have surfaced out of the appreciative heart of Lord Shiva due to the warm treatmentLakshmi gave him when he was meditating. Lord Vishnu was in a state of meditation and had lost track of the environment around him when his consort came and shielded him from the cold weather. In appreciation, Lord Vishnu called the spotBadrika Ashram. The idol represents Lord Vishnu meditating and the Badri tree acting as his consort’s kind gesture.

There are a lot of myths that have been recorded with regards to the Temple’s history with no precise account to tell the actual event that led to the creation of the Badrinath temple. The most common myth surrounding the existence of the temple is that it was a Buddhist shrine until the 8th century when the Indian theologian AdiShankara changed it to a Hindu temple. Most historians have succumbed to believing this myth because of the Buddhist style of design that surrounds the temple backing up the argument.

Best Time to explore the Badrinath Package

The temple holds a lot of festivals with spiritual and religious practices that attract a lot of audiences. Most visitors explore the Badrinath Yatra during the Char Dhams. Certainly attending religious, festive activities and all other Chardham Yatra Package in the temple would make your visit memorable, but if your schedule won’t entertain it then you can always go on a visit from May to October in other to avoid heavy snowfall during your journey. Book a trip with the Indian temple tour team to experience the spiritual upliftment that the tour comes with.

Badrinath Temple 360 view